Ninki Japanese Cuisine


  • We deliver within the
    financial core
  • Lunch call before 10:45 a.m.
    and will be delivered by
    11:55 a.m.

  • Dinner call after
    3:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

  • FREE Delivery
    $30 + up before taxes

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cold tofu 6
bean curd served with fresh ginger & green onion

toza tofu 8
deep fried tofu with fish flake

kara age 8
marinated & deep fried chicken

ika sugatayaki 13
grilled fresh squid with ginger sauce

yam tempura 7
deep fried sweet potato with tempura flour

shitake tempura 9
deep fried shitake with tempura flour

vegetable tempura 7
deep fried assorted vegetable with tempura flour

shrimp & vegetable tempura 12
2pcs shrimp & 5pcs assorted vegetable

shrimp tempura 12
4pcs of shrimp

shitake butter yaki 12
pan-fried japanese mushroom with garlic butter

asparagus & shitake butter yaki 13
pan-fried asparagus & japanese mushroom
with garlic butter

mix mushroom butter yaki 13
pan-fried mix japanese mushroom with garlic butter

hotate butter yaki 12
pan-fried scallop with garlic butter

ebi butter yaki 12
pan-fried shrimp with garlic butter

yakitori 7
teriyaki chicken skewers

surume tempura 9
deep fried dry squid with tempura flour

beef tataki 14
sliced rare beef with ponzu sauce

tuna tataki 13
sliced seared tuna with ponzu sauce

edamame 7
boiled green soy beans

ika butter yaki 10
pan-fried squid with garlic butter

soft shell crab 12
deep fried soft shell crab served with cucumber
& ponzu sauce

gyoza (5pcs) 6
japanese dumpling

gindara 15
grilled black cod

salmon belly 6
grilled salmon belly with teriyaki sauce

hamachi kama 12
grilled collar of yellow tail with ponzu sauce

urajiro 12
deep fried japanese mushroom stuffed with shrimp

saba shioyaki 10
grilled mackerel

beef roll 10
choice of one item: enoki, asparagus,
green onion or shitake

vegetable spring roll (5pcs) 6